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How to choose a kitchen faucet

The quality of faucets is related to the safety of our daily water. When you buy kitchen faucets, you must choose a trusted brand. Good brand products have guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service.

Now the kitchen faucet is mainly made of copper and stainless steel. Except for the material, the choice of kitchen faucet mainly depends on various functions and styles.

1. Color: Copper faucets can be made in different colors depending on the coating. If matched with a black faucet, it is quite a match.

2. Function

Pulling faucet: The faucet water outlet can be pulled freely, water is convenient, and there is no dead corner for cleaning.

Water purification faucet: suitable for the kitchen where a water purifier is installed, the faucet has two water outlets, one of which is ordinary hot and cold water, and the other water outlet can be directly connected to drinking water. Through the switch, the water type can be easily switched.

Induction kitchen faucet: Gently slide your hand over the induction position, and the faucet can automatically discharge water. Cooking ingredients, dirty hands, do not want to touch the faucet, this faucet is the most suitable.

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