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Shower head is one of the most frequently used bathroom products in our daily life. If you need to install it yourself, please follow the steps below:

1. First prepare a spanner wrench, install the faucet on the reserved hole, connect the air and hot and cold water inlet pipes behind the faucet, and tighten with a wrench.

2. Find the connector of the shower head, connect the shower tube and the shower head, and connect the other end of the shower tube to the hole at the bottom of the faucet, and screw the wire teeth. At this time, use raw material tape to wrap the threads.

3. Find the proper height, and install a shower bracket on the wall with a pistol drill. You can also choose a non-puncture bracket.

4. Pull the handle of the faucet to check whether the water is normal and whether there is water leakage at the connection between the faucet and the shower.


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